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Boat hoists


Boat hoists introducing "Boat Hoists". This package includes 2 different cranes which can be used in your port/shipyard scene. Moving parts are separated and parented accordingly which can be animated.

Mobile friendly low poly modeling and optimized texturing.

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Boat hoists

Pack Info 

Total : 2 Prefabs, 2 unique meshes 2 boat hoists,

The pack is fully compatible with low poly packages. Combine with other asset packs from to create your dream city.

Number of textures : 1
Texture sizes : 256x256px
Polygon count Max : 46.652
Number of meshes/prefabs : 2
Rigging : NO
Animation : NO
UV mapping: YES
LOD information :1 LOD Level


Unity 2020 above
Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP)
Easy to adapt to High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP)
Mobile friendly

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