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Modular stylized cartoon vans/busses

BoxyVans is happy to introduce "BoxyVans". This package includes stylized cartoon vans/busses/pickuos with modular elements including bumpers, headlights, top bars, wheels and so on. With various highly customizable parts and materials, you can create hundreds of cars as per your requirement. All cars have mobile friendly low poly modeling and optimized texturing suitable for your mobile applications. Cars are not rigged! Package includes only meshes and materials (and colliders).

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Pack Info 

Total : 53 Prefabs,
6 car body types,
6 bumpers,
9 front lights set,
11 props,
2 flashing light props,
6 roof racks,
13 wheels

Number of textures : 0
Materials : Single color Unity materials (19 in total)
Polygon count avg : 1000 for cars, 500 for wheels, 500 for trims and others
Number of meshes : 53
Rigging : NO
Animation : NO
UV mapping: YES
LOD information :1 LOD Level


Unity 2020 above
Easy to adapt to High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP)

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