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Rail Transport I

Railway transportation assets

Rail Transport I

Introducing Rail Transport I by Megapoly.Art! The perfect game asset for creating realistic and lowpoly rail systems in your Unity projects!

This package includes a high-quality electric locomotive, 3 cargo wagons, power lines, and track prefabs, all designed with mobile-friendly low-poly modeling and optimized texturing. With Rail Transport I, you can easily create a realistic transportation system for your game, while keeping performance high and loading times low.

The three types of wagons included in this package are flatbed wagons, box wagons, and tanker wagons. The flatbed wagons are designed to transport large cargo, while the box wagons are ideal for carrying smaller, more delicate items. The tanker wagons are specifically designed to transport liquids such as oil or chemicals.

The power lines allow for electrical power to be delivered to the locomotive, creating a realistic and immersive experience for your players. The track prefabs come in different types and can be easily connected to create a customized track layout, perfect for building a simple rail system or a complex network of tracks.

With its optimized low-poly modeling and mobile-friendly design, Rail Transport I is ideal for developers who want to create high-quality, low-overhead rail systems for their Unity projects. Whether you're building a simulation game, a transportation-themed puzzle game, or anything in between, Rail Transport I is a great asset for creating an immersive and realistic experience for your players.

Get started on your rail transportation project today with Rail Transport I by Megapoly.Art!

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Rail Transport I

Pack Info 

Total : 14 Prefabs
2 locomotive (2 colors),
7 wagons (3 types and 2 colors),
4 rail track,
1 power poles.

Number of textures : 1
Texture sizes : 256x256px
Polygon count total : 1480 ~ 16092
Number of meshes/prefabs : 14
Rigging : NO
Animation : NO
UV mapping: YES
LOD information :1 LOD Level


Unity 2020 above
Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP)
Easy to adapt to High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP)
Mobile friendly

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