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Shipyard scene

Shipyard proudly introduces "Shipyard". This package includes everything you need to create your own shipyard scene with well modeled props, building assets, and one bonus asset pack; Boat Hoists as well as partially completed ship, tugboat, crane, lighting poles plus one yacht from other packages.

Outdoor Lighting Poles
Sea Vehicles
Mobile friendly low poly modeling and optimized texturing.

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Pack Info 

Total : 59 Prefabs :
1 partially completed cargo ship,
1 tugboat,
1 yacht,
1 crane,
2 boat hoists,
5 building assets,
5 modular hangar parts,
6 lighting poles,
14 ship parts,
23 props

Number of textures : 1
Texture sizes : 256x256px
Polygon count Max : 46652
Number of meshes/prefabs : 59
Rigging : NO
Animation : NO
UV mapping: YES
LOD information :1 LOD Level


Unity 2020 above
Universal Rendering Pipeline (URP)
Easy to adapt to High Definition Rendering Pipeline (HDRP)
Mobile friendly

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